Fishman Fluence

Fishman Electronics have been making musical instrument products for thirty years. They nearly own the acoustic guitar amplification market.

Larry Fishman realized that electric guitar pickups haven’t changed in nearly 85 years; time for evolution! This is the first real manufacturing change in the way the electric guitar pick up is made since its inception. Fluence is so quiet, you won’t believe your ears! Fishman went through painstaking efforts to ensure that the classic sounds guitar players love lived on in their new design. What’s more, you get something ‘conventional’ pickups can’t provide: a ‘second voice.’ It’s like having multiple guitars in one!

This project was shot entirely with the Red Epic Digital Cinema camera in 5K resolution. The animation was created in 3D Studio Max. The ending shot was possible thanks to the revolutionary “POV” camera rig created by azPTP.