Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction: Orange County Commercial

Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions are not only the largest automobile auction broker in the world, they hold life-style events. When they ask for a commercial that “takes it to the next level,” that’s quite a challenge.  The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Orange County needed a commercial, shot in 4K Video/UHD because they wanted to reflect how much different they are from their competition.

azPTP Post Production Supervisor, animator, editor and compositor, Curt Pair took a “literal” phrase from an email and turned it into a working concept. In addition, each auction is a building block to achieve their mission statement. Therefore, why not showcase how these blocks build and unfold to achieve their goal? The spot was born!

The interviews were shot on green screen so the backgrounds could be replaced with live action and the “building blocks.”  The blocks were created and animated in Cinema 4D, originally in white.  Master editor and compositor, Curt Pair, changed the color of the blocks to red while compositing the spot in Adobe After Effects.  Finally, he added the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction logo to the “floor.”  As a result, the spot is much more dynamic an contains the message of who the customer is throughout the video.

Consequently, this spot was a huge success! This went well beyond the imagination of what Barrett-Jackson ever envisioned; they couldn’t have been happier!