azPTP Gets Weaponized!

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azPTP takes possession of THE first Magnesium Weapon released to the public by Red Digital Cinema!

DSC02781Resident DP, Curt Pair shows off the latest camera in the azPTP arsenal, the Magnesium Red Weapon!

The camera is the first released to the public by Red Digital Cinema.  President Jarred Land thought Curt would be a great ambassador as the first recipient!

The camera is based on the same 6K platform as the Epic Dragon, however the architecture has changed a bit.  It has a sleeker body, made out of magnesium and is lighter than it’s Dragon counterpart.  The in and output ports are now on the right side of the camera instead of being located on the lower rear.  Due to the faster processing boards inside, the Weapon is more sensitive in low light situations and also presents cleaner blacks.  One of the greatest features is that the camera now boasts on-board Pro Res Quicktime file recordings!  The user can select to record the high resolution file (in 4, 5, or 6K) and/or record the 1080p HD file of the same material!  This makes the Weapon the go to camera for all types of motion image capture!  There are no more excuses not to shoot with Red!

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